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Board candidate Tetsuo Sakomura

Portrait of Tetsuo Sakomura

We asked Tetsuo to tell us everything ATypI members could ever want to know about him. He had a great deal to share.

Please provide us with your bio.

BFA in Photography
Parsons School of Design

Brand Communicator
Morisawa Inc.

Producer of Design Management
Creating educational tools, websites, and apps for galleries and museums such as Suntory Museum, G4 Gallery, Hagi City, and Mori Art Museum.
Working with national and international graphic designers, web developers, and app developers for multiple projects.
S2 Corporation Inc.

Hall Manager of an Italian restaurant
Served as the first hall manager of 40 capacity
Buon Grado

Hall Manager of an Italian restaurant
A restaurant with an official approval from Italian government
Served as a hall manager of 120 capacity
Orion Inc.

Freelance Photographer in Italy and Japan
Roberta di Camerino, Fabrica, Asahi Newspaper, 25ans, and etc.

Digitalizing archives
Fratelli Alinari Firenze, Italy

Give us a sentence that perfectly describes your love for type.

Embrace the differences—all good.

Before this year, were you a member of ATypI? If so, when?

Yes. I believe I became a member in 2016.

Were you previously a member of the ATypI board, or a country delegate? If so, when?

Yes. I am in my first term serving as a director, starting from 2021.

Describe your experience/involvement with ATypI activities.

The 2016 Warsaw conference was the first ATypI conference I attended. Morisawa, the company I belong to, has been a continuous sponsor since the 2012 Hong Kong conference up until 2023 Paris.

In order to achieve the first-ever hosting the conference in Japan, I conducted bid activities for the conference, and the hosting was confirmed in 2019.

Once the decision was made to host the event in Tokyo, I was involved as a key member in organizing the events for the domestic hosting, and I played a role throughout the conference to ensure the success of the events.

Tell us about your current and past involvement with other type and design organizations.


Describe your leadership experience with other nonprofits and work with conferences, workshops, publications, teaching, or other activities in the type, design, tech, and related communities.


Why should ATypI members elect you to represent them on the board of directors?

I have had careers in different industries. The one thing they all have in common is that in each industry, I have seen my role as a hub to lubricate communication between multiple factors.
When I was a photographer, I placed myself between the subject and the client; when I was in the culinary industry, between the food and the client; and when I was in cultural projects, between the designer and the culture, and I tried to convey each message clearly.

Now, as I work in the type industry, I am conscious of the same thing. I find it rewarding to serve as a hub between typefaces and users, between different scripts, between organizations and individuals, and to create benefits for both.

Based on the experience gained from being a part of ATypI Tokyo in 2019 as a local team leader, I have been involved in ATypI as a member of the board of directors since 2021. I’d like to become a bridge for ATypI and Asia, and continue to spread its philosophy and guiding principles to the various Asian communities.

Answers and materials were provided by the candidate as part of their self-nomination for the ATypI board election. Candidate is a paid ATypI member in good standing and agrees to remain so if they are elected.