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‘Type,’ a journal

The first two issues of Type were edited by Sumner Stone and printed: all we have here are contents lists. The third issue is edited by Jean Francois Porchez and has not to date appeared in print. Currently, three articles from the unfinished issue are available in this section.

Type issue no. 1

The following articles were published in issue 1 of Type:

Christoffel van Dijck, An outstanding punch-cutter
Max Caflisch

Towards an open layout: A letter to Volodya Yefimov
Maxim Zhukov

The quality display of text on computer screens
Dr. Peter Karow

US Design Patent for typeface design
Frank Martinez

An overview of Open Type
David Lemon

In memoriam: Gyorgy Haiman
Peter Viragvolgyi

Type issue no. 2

The following articles were published in issue 2 of Type:

Toward a typographical linguistics
David Crystal

Annuals and Perennials. A discussion of typographic research
University of Reading,November 5, 1996

Inscriptions and type design: an investigation
Michael Harvey

Livres typographiques en France
Jean-François Porchez

An ATypI addendum
Gerry E. Leonídas

Hit and miss in The Hague: a personal reaction to the 1996 ATypI conference
Michael Harvey

Bewitched, bewildered and betwixt: ATypI ’96 in The Hague: The type maze
Yvonne Schwemer-Scheddin

Type issue no. 3 (incomplete)

The following articles are available to read online:

A primer on Greek type design
Gerry Leonidas
Read it here >> 

Sylfaen: Foundations of multiscript typography
John Hudson
Read it here >>

Typeform dialogues
Catherine Dixon and Eric Kindel


The concept of publishing Type no. 3 after MultiTypo 98, the ATypI conference in Lyon, struck us at the time as being an important additional activity for ATypI. We hoped to extend the value of the conference through France and beyond. Our idea at that time was to publish some of the lectures given in Lyon and to make them more widely available through the pages of the Journal. Sumner Stone enthusiastically accepted the idea and I worked to find sponsors for the issue. The French Ministère de la culture agreed to sponsor the journal. In exchange ATypI undertook to make the journal bilingual, at least for that part dealing with the papers given in Lyon. It was additionally agreed to give a part of the printing for distribution in official circles in France.

Everything started well—many of the speakers from the Lyon conference agreed to write articles for ATypI based on their lectures. Some months later, because of big changes in his life, Sumner Stone decided to stop editing the journal. He was a founding member of the team that brought Type to life, and was the first editor of the journal, responsible for the first two issues. He did a great job, and it fell naturally to me to agree to take up where he had left off—at least for the third issue, while we decided on the direction we wanted to go in with the Journal and who we wanted to get involved.

Sumner Stone passed on some of the unpublished articles and we decided to make a double issue. But, after a second birth, month upon month, year after year, the initial team, all volunteers, never quite got to the different parts of the project that they had agreed to take charge of.

During the board meeting that took place last spring, I suggested that we put online some of the articles that were ready or close to being ready for printing. In this way we could offer a form of preview of what was to come in print. There were also many other articles that were close to being ready, but to different levels of finish. For example, some needed translation, some needed major or minor editing. By now, if you have read this far, you will have started to understand that this introduction is, in fact, a call for action. We need your help! If you have time and inclination I would be delighted to hear from you. We have lots of work to share. Please get in touch. First and foremost we need people to help us edit articles online: can we rely on your help? Our ultimate objective is to publish and print a tangible version of Type #3, but without your help I doubt that the project will ever be completed.

Jean François Porchez
Type journal temporary editor
c. 2000