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Becoming an ATypI country or community delegate is a fantastic way to get involved with our typographic community on a deeper level, and to promote innovation and the incredible work of our members and peers. ATypI delegates are part of an international group of people who love type and work in typography and related fields. They are an important part of our tradition of supporting and elevating our field and the richly talented people working in it. ATypI delegates are dedicated volunteers who have demonstrated a passion for the typographic community, contributed to ATypI and its mission in the past, and wish to contribute in a more meaningful way.

The role of a Community Delegates

Find out more about The Community Delegates: Role, Responsibilities and Guidelines here.

Community Delegate Report Archive

We are currently working on uploading our archive of CD Reports. You will find them below to download as a pdf.

ATypI CD Reports 2009-2012
ATypI CD Reports 2006
ATypI CD Reports 2003
ATypI CD Reports 1999
ATypI CD Reports 2008-2009
ATypI CD Reports 2005
ATypI CD Reports 2002
ATypI CD Reports 1998
ATypI CD Reports 2007
ATypI CD Reports 2004
ATypI CD Reports 2000-2001

ATypI report form

ATypI Communities

We are currently expanding our Country Delegates program into a program of Community Delegates, in which delegates can represent a community of like-minded practitioners rather than a specific geographic location. If you wish to nominate yourself or somebody else to become a Community Delegate, see ‘How To Nominate a Delegate’ below.