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Who we are

The Association Typographique Internationale is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is democratically run by a board of directors elected by the ATypI membership.

Board officers

ATypI board officers are elected to these roles through a majority vote made by the board of directors.

Board members

The ATypI board of directors is elected by the association’s general membership. Board members hail from all over the world and use their time and talents to help further the ATypI mission and elevate their communities. Want to find out more? Take a look at some of the important responsibilities assigned to the ATypI board.

Country and community delegates

The ATypI delegate group aims to represent type folks where they live and work, nurturing new talent while supporting longtime practitioners. The international type community is rich and diverse; part of ATypI’s mission is to uplift designers from underrepresented communities.

These delegates are an integral part of ATypI’s outreach efforts. ATypI delegates are active in their local design networks; they are also teachers and mentors, working with schools and cultural organizations, reporting on the state of type and typography in their communities, and facilitating communication and action with other ATypI members. Find out more about the ATypI country and community delegate responsibilities.