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Board candidate Jordan Bell

Portrait of Jordan Bell

We asked Jordan to tell us everything ATypI members could ever want to know about him. He had much to share.

Please provide us with your bio.

I am a typeface designer from central Texas who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. After graduating with a BFA from ACU, I worked as a graphic designer in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and soon after moved to England to study typeface design and graphic communication at the Reading University MATD program. Post-thesis, I moved to NYC to start working professionally as a typeface designer at Hoefler & Co. In 2021, I transitioned to the Monotype Studio and have been happily creating typefaces and brands for clients ever since. When I’m not drawing letters, I enjoy playing with my dog, cycling around NYC, rock climbing, and eating all the tacos.

Give us a sentence that perfectly describes your love for type.

Type is used by all and thus should be accessible, helpful, and *fun* for all.

Before this year, were you a member of ATypI? If so, when?

Yes, I believe I had a student membership for a couple of years. I renewed a few years ago, but accidentally let it expire. I now have a professional membership.

Were you previously a member of the ATypI board, or a country delegate? If so, when?


Describe your experience/involvement with ATypI activities.

My first formal experience with ATypI was at the Montréal conference in 2017, where I presented on the nuanced humanistic quirks within the comprehensive type family of Inkwell. While I enjoyed presenting, I especially appreciated the networking and socializing made possible through this international gathering of like-minded individuals. Since then, I have participated in various online events, especially during the COVID pandemic for ATypI 2020.

Tell us about your current and past involvement with other type and design organizations.

I have frequented lectures at St. Brides, the Cooper Union, the TDC, SVA, the New School, and attended Typographics, BrandNew, TypeCon, AIGA TX/NY, and other conferences. I have supported the Herb Lubalin Collection and the Letterform Archive financially, and donated custom type to the Rob Roy Kelly Collection (in progress) and Hamilton Wood Type. I have given lectures and workshops at a variety of institutions, including the University of the Arts Philadelphia, the Cooper Union, TypeWest, NYU, and my alma mater, ACU. I also have been giving free design consultation and critiques to a range of participants as a part of Type Crit Crew since its inception in 2020.

Describe your leadership experience with other nonprofits and work with conferences, workshops, publications, teaching, or other activities in the type, design, tech, and related communities.

I have worked pro-bono or volunteered my time with various non-profits in Texas and New York over the years, including Caritas, Meals on Wheels, and Night of Hope. For four years, I designed the annual identity for the Hispanic Summer Program, a theological conference in the US. I have been an active mentor through Type Crit Crew since its inception in 2020, and have recently taken a more active leadership role in New York Cycling Club through design work and administrative contributions. I have annually volunteered my time with Typographics conference and Cooper Union type design classes. Each October, I make it a priority to give back to my alma mater through a workshop that brings my highly experienced perspective to a new set of budding design students in Texas.

Why should ATypI members elect you to represent them on the board of directors?

As an experienced type designer, I will bring the knowledge I’ve gained through my decade of employment in two separate world-renowned type studios where I have participated in every level of the type design process. I enjoy giving a platform to my colleagues and mentees as an empathic ally, offering informative yet supportive critiques to all who ask. I am an active member of the type community in NYC and am passionate about nurturing the ever-growing hub of next-generation type designers through collaborative events and supportive communication. With a flexible schedule that affords a generous time commitment, I am excited to learn and share through this role. Most importantly, I hope to help others become excited about our small but powerful industry as well.

Answers and materials were provided by the candidate as part of their self-nomination for the ATypI board election. Candidate is a paid ATypI member in good standing and agrees to remain so if they are elected.