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Board candidate Marek Z. Jeziorek

Portrait of Marek Z. Jeziorek

We asked Marek to tell us everything ATypI members could ever want to know about him. He had much to share.

Please provide us with your bio.

Marek Z. Jeziorek is a native of Poland. From 2015 until January 20, 2023, he worked for Google LLC as a Technical Program Manager managing the Noto Fonts program. Marek was passionate about ensuring that the Noto Font family covered all the world’s scripts. In his spare time, which he doesn’t usually have, Marek films various events that interest him, and works on a full-length documentary on Confucius and the Confucian philosophy, while at the same time trying to figure out how to make each family history piece a compelling documentary film.

Give us a sentence that perfectly describes your love for type.

Fonts are fontastic 🙂 

Before this year, were you a member of ATypI? If so, when?


Were you previously a member of the ATypI board, or a country delegate? If so, when?


Describe your experience/involvement with ATypI activities.

A presenter at ATypI conferences.

Tell us about your current and past involvement with other type and design organizations.

Ex-Noto Fonts Program Manager, Google LLC.

Describe your leadership experience with other nonprofits and work with conferences, workshops, publications, teaching, or other activities in the type, design, tech, and related communities.

Ex- Noto Fonts Program Manager, Google LLC, ex-Google Fonts.

Why should ATypI members elect you to represent them on the board of directors?

I’m not your best choice for a board member, but I’m a good choice for a board member because of my understanding of the font industry, type-people connections, and ability to work with multiple cultures.

Answers and materials were provided by the candidate as part of their self-nomination for the ATypI board election. Candidate is a paid ATypI member in good standing and agrees to remain so if they are elected.