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Steel Letters: The Movie

Polish artist Wojciech Sikora demonstrates the process of turning the elements into industrial typographic masterpieces. This fascinating short film demonstrates how art, science, craft, and industry merge to form stunning objects originally functional in nature, but utterly stylish in their final forms. Stay until the end, then get ready for the costume and letter-carving contests… Continue reading Steel Letters: The Movie

Conceptual Type, Conventional Type

Over the decades and centuries, typography has evolved substantially, but rarely at the same time. In this presentation, we will be looking at conceptual and conventional typography, and how the former has affected the perception towards the latter. Since typography is a craft that everyone encounters on a daily basis, the goal of this discourse… Continue reading Conceptual Type, Conventional Type

Carrying on: Kanji Graphy and Hanzi Graphy

Hanzi Graphy focuses on the history, architecture, and physical characteristics of Chinese characters while establishing a common set of vocabulary. Kanji Graphy takes it further and tells the story of how Chinese characters settled in Japan and became the root for a hybrid writing system. The book is divided into two sections. In the first… Continue reading Carrying on: Kanji Graphy and Hanzi Graphy

Intuitive Design for Variable Font Specimens

Variable fonts have rapidly been rising in popularity. So what should an ideal variable font specimen look like? Since the movable type revolution, the font catalog barely changed its appearance, not even with the transition to the virtual sphere. As variable fonts span complex design spaces, users need intuitive navigation tools to accompany them. Such… Continue reading Intuitive Design for Variable Font Specimens

Type as Abstraction

Over three billion people use the internet, and they’re all using type. What was once relevant to a small group of specialists is now ubiquitous. Typefaces are available in a dizzying array of styles. Some are expressive, and others stoic. Some are rooted firmly in historical forms, while others deliberately and dramatically break away from… Continue reading Type as Abstraction

A Tour Throughout the History of Typography in Uruguay

Like most parts of Latin America, the printing material available were leftovers from Europe or North America. This presentation will review the first publications printed in Uruguay, discovering how nineteenth and twentieth century typographers had to exercise their creativity with little means, and how it improved over time.

Typographic Selection: A Model With Criteria and Evaluation Matrix to Support Your Choices

When choosing fonts for a design project, it is necessary to understand the context of the problem, the characteristics of the content, user needs, and support restrictions; resulting in a complex cognitive process. In addition, the growing number of digital fonts available today increases the complexity of this decision-making. In order to decide the most… Continue reading Typographic Selection: A Model With Criteria and Evaluation Matrix to Support Your Choices

Thai Type-Pairing

Thai-Latin type-pairing, Thai Looped, and Loopless can all be paired with Serif and Sans in Latin because Thai type pairing is very flexible. Thai Looped and Loopless can be used interchangeably with both dans and Serif. This presentation will review Thai type pairing analysis’ from the past to the present based on the history and… Continue reading Thai Type-Pairing