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Conceptual Type, Conventional Type

Over the decades and centuries, typography has evolved substantially, but rarely at the same time. In this presentation, we will be looking at conceptual and conventional typography, and how the former has affected the perception towards the latter. Since typography is a craft that everyone encounters on a daily basis, the goal of this discourse is to discuss how conceptual type has affected the development and use of typography as more than just something to aid with reading, but as a form of communication in our daily lives. Furthermore, it is as vital to touch on conceptual type as is the subject of debate for graphic designers and typographers such as Peter Bil’ak, who does not believe in the existence of conceptual type. On the other hand, non-designers might still be unfamiliar with the term. This presentation aims to evoke curiosity towards typography and its rich history. By outlining the relationship that conceptual type has with conventional typography in our technologically driven world, this presentation aims to encourage further research and debates in typography as the potential evolution of its usage in the coming eras.


Monica Hutama

Monica Hutama is an award-winning graphic designer currently based in France. While studying graphic design in Singapore, Hutama developed a particular interest in typography, leading her to apply for the assessment board of International Society of Typographic Designers. In her final year of university, Hutama completed her dissertation on type and earned a first class Honours degree. In the following year, Hutama became a lecturer in Jakarta, teaching typography and branding.