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Imprimerie Nationale visit—SOLD OUT

Wednesday, May 10, 2023 (all day) Workshop, collections, punches cabinet, and historical library Founded in 1640, the Imprimerie Nationale houses a unique collection of over 500,000 punches. Considered to be the oldest printing workshop in the world still in operation, the Imprimerie Nationale covers the entire typographic chain (design, engraving and fonts, composition and letterpress… Continue reading Imprimerie Nationale visit—SOLD OUT

Introducing FontLab VI

FontLab’s Adam, Thomas and Yuri introduce FontLab VI. Years in the making, and a complete rewrite from scratch, FontLab VI combines the latest font technologies and a new cross-platform user interface. FontLab VI introduces dozens of innovations to type design, especially in vector drawing and editing. The new app has been built with active input… Continue reading Introducing FontLab VI

A Proposal for a Common EULA

The type industry has long been in need of a common EULA. Especially for type design students and small type foundries who have fairly straightforward needs, hiring a lawyer to “reinvent the wheel” for a EULA doesn’t seem necessary. A common EULA may also benefit type users, but my focus is primarily on the benefits… Continue reading A Proposal for a Common EULA

Why don’t EULA’ve me?

Using real world examples from my eight years experience, I will persuade you that the EULA is a tool that is worth your trouble because (not despite) of the fact that almost no one reads it. Many foundries have a love–hate relationship to their EULA: it costs a lot to write and maintain and it… Continue reading Why don’t EULA’ve me?

Industry Update: Adoption, Opportunities and Adventures Ahead

Recent years have seen a rapid expansion of digital media demanding new and complex type licensing models and delivery methods. Mobile apps, web services, digital ads, and others are all challenging foundries’ established business practices. Far from escaping the disruption begun by web fonts, the industry continues on a journey of trial and error, struggling… Continue reading Industry Update: Adoption, Opportunities and Adventures Ahead

Creating a platform for type foundries

Last year, we launched Fontstand, a desktop software to try and rent fonts. Learning from the experience from music industry Fontstand represents authors, and creates a platform that is trying to find a sweet spot between users and makers. Fontstand has been warmly received, and this presentation will give us a chance to reflect on… Continue reading Creating a platform for type foundries

Earning a living

It’s great starting out when you are fresh out of your design course, or MA in Type Design. You are full of enthusiasm, you brim with ideas, and you know that you will have the next killer typeface. You are ready! You go out, you network, you quote for a job, you get the work,… Continue reading Earning a living

Starting a type foundry 101: a checklist

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6Uf_nWKlVw Over the last decade, many independent type foundries blossomed, shaping a new face for the market of digital type design. This presentation propose a checklist of the many things that one would want to consider when starting a type foundry. From establishing a product line to defining social media posting pace, no detail is… Continue reading Starting a type foundry 101: a checklist