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Typographic Selection: A Model With Criteria and Evaluation Matrix to Support Your Choices

When choosing fonts for a design project, it is necessary to understand the context of the problem, the characteristics of the content, user needs, and support restrictions; resulting in a complex cognitive process. In addition, the growing number of digital fonts available today increases the complexity of this decision-making. In order to decide the most appropriate font for each project, a model to support the typographic selection process was developed in the context of editorial design. This model has been applied in typography classes and projects in web and signage. The purpose of this presentation proposal is to demonstrate the model, the criteria, and the evaluation matrix to show how it can be applied in the development of projects and the teaching of design. This presentation will also cover the formal, functional, technical, legal, and economic factors that need to be considered when making the typographic choice.


Mary Meürer

Professor UFSC

Mary Meürer is a graphic designer with a master's and doctorate in design from the Federal University of Santa Catarina. Meürer developed a typographic selection model that helps make the typographic selection process more objective and well-founded with criteria and an evaluation matrix. Meürer has experience in informational design, web and signage, guiding projects, and teaching disciplines in graduation and specialization.