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Thai Type-Pairing

Thai-Latin type-pairing, Thai Looped, and Loopless can all be paired with Serif and Sans in Latin because Thai type pairing is very flexible. Thai Looped and Loopless can be used interchangeably with both dans and Serif. This presentation will review Thai type pairing analysis’ from the past to the present based on the history and the social norm. Smich Smanloh will speak on how Thai-Latin type pairing was done from the moveable time period on print, to the trilingual local shop signages containing Thai, English, and Chinese. The presentation will include the reasons behind those possibilities, and what we could hold onto as the basic instruction of Thai-Latin-Chinese type pairing.


Smich Smanloh

Smich Smanloh is a type director and partner of Cadson Demak. Over the last ten years, Smanloh designed many custom typefaces for numerous local brands across Thailand. Smanloh has taken care of the Thai script extensions for multiscript custom projects such as Sanomat Sans.