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Stream of Kana: Japanese Kana Drawing Performance

Hiragana is a Japanese origin syllabary derived from Chinese character (Kanji). In this session, we would like to show you the flow of changes to current letter form from original Kanji which each of those was originated, and demonstrate the flow of brush stroke when a word is woven with the letters. Please kick back and enjoy the velvety and exquisite beauty unique to Japan at the moment when the letters become a word.


Hiroyuki Masuda

Hiroyuki Masuda graduated from Saitama University Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science in 1983 and started his career at a printing company. In 1989 he joined and started designing typefaces for TypeBank Inc. which was acquired by Morisawa Inc in 2017. As well as being skilled in lettering and tracing he also holds the qualification of Master of Calligraphy issued by Tokyo Calligraphy Association. His work include TB Gothi, TB Calligra Gothic and TB Chibi Maru Gothic.


Mr. Keitaro Sakamoto

Keitaro Sakamoto is a strategic planning manager of type design department at Morisawa Inc.