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A culture in Strokes: Ranjana Script Calligraphy

Word is a celebration and no script holds that emotion more than the Ranjana life. During their calligraphy demonstration, Ananda Maharjan, Sunita Dangol, and Anshu Shrestha will be showcasing Ranjana script and Kutakshar while also writing the participants’ names and mantras in Ranjana – creating artful demonstrations and keepsakes for the ones who attend.


Ananda Maharjan


Ananda Kumar Maharjan is a graphic and type designer based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Maharjan has designed various styles of Devanagari fonts. Currently, he is working on Ranjana script and Nepal Lipi (Newa) fonts. Maharjan has been working on education and the promotion of Ranjana Script and Nepal Lipi through the Callijatra project.


Sunita Dangol

Sunita Dangol is a communications professional with a deep interest in cultural preservation. Upon winning the Miss Newa pageant in 2011, she has pursued a varied range of works. In her career, Dangol has served as a professional RJ, emcee, TV presenter, and Newa language and script activist. Currently, Dangol is also one of the co-leads of Callijatra, a volunteer-led youth initiative working toward the preservation and mainstreaming of Newa scripts and Nepalbhasa. Her work with script preservation entails workshops, educational curriculum drafting, and online outreach. Dangol and Callijatra have been credited with kickstarting a renewed interest in Ranjana script in Nepal. She believes sharing culture encourages adoption and, through it, preservation.