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Type Design in Chinese Buddhism: Digital Revivals of Chinese Buddhist Manuscripts and Wood-plate Printings

Buddhism, as one of the major religions in China, has had a profound influence on various fields, including calligraphy arts. Even before the invention of printing technology, monks and believers started to copy Buddhist scriptures while reading them, both to show proof of faith and to spread Buddhism. Some of the scriptures were written on paper and silk, while others were carved on cliff facades and stone tablets for longer preservation. Multiple printed scriptures appeared later because of the popularity of wood-plate printing in China. The long and continuous history of Buddhist manuscript, inscription, and printed books are very important sources for studying Buddhist culture, calligraphy arts, and printing technology. However, the original materials may be difficult to preserve, and they usually have great limitations. We believe that digitization could be the best solutions. We have also gained inspiration from and possibilities for Chinese type design.


Tan Zeyuan

Type Designer Hanyi Fonts

Zeyuan Tan is a type designer at Hanyi Fonts and received a bachelor’s degree from Nanjing University Of Science And Technology.