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A culture in Strokes: Ranjana Script Calligraphy

Word is a celebration and no script holds that emotion more than the Ranjana life. During their calligraphy demonstration, Ananda Maharjan, Sunita Dangol, and Anshu Shrestha will be showcasing Ranjana script and Kutakshar while also writing the participants’ names and mantras in Ranjana – creating artful demonstrations and keepsakes for the ones who attend.

Ranjana Script Calligraphy

Ranjana script is one of the most beautiful calligraphy scripts in the world. It is also known as Lantsa. It is not only the script of the indigenous group Newars, but duly important to all Nepalese as well. Ranjana script was used to write Sanskrit, Nepalbhasa, Maithili, and various Nepali languages.  Ranjana must be written… Continue reading Ranjana Script Calligraphy