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The Importance of Education Through the Lens of Business in Thailand

How can we build a strong ecosystem for type design Thailand? To answer the question, it is better to start from the root. Let’s explore a landscape of what is actually going on in type design and typography education in Thailand. It has been more than two decades since design curriculums of various Thai universities have acknowledged the importance of the subjects in typography and type design. Throughout the design-related curriculums in Thailand, there are few courses related to understanding the typography and type design. These defective products created by our education system affect the business of type industry in Thailand. This stems from both governmental and non-governmental entities not recognizing the importance of systematically recording and collecting evidence from the past. This presentation will walk through a straightforward report of what has been done, what should have been done, and the existing limitations.


Kamolkarn Kosolkarn

Kamolkarn Kosolkarn is a professional editor and translator in the field of culture and design industry in Thailand. With over 10 years of experience, Kosolkarn’s articles and research studies have been published in various publications, such as Wallpaper Thailand, and the Thailand Creative and Design Centre. Currently, Kamolkarn is a writer for the Equitable Education Fund, and a content editor at Cadson Demak—a type foundry in Thailand.