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Get a Taste of the Hangul Type!

Recently, K-culture has become beloved all over the world. Do you want to sketch the name of your favorite K-pop stars with Hangul? Or do you hope to find a good matched Hangul font to pair with your Latin font? This workshop offers basic practical information about Hangul design. You’ll get to know the overall process of a Hangul design project through several case studies. We will also explore the element of Hangul graphemes and the relation of structures. This workshop consists of short lectures, Hangul design assignments (simple words), and feedback for the assigned tasks. This class will provide an easy but informative experience. After this workshop, you may understand better the Hangul design, or maybe you will want to be a Hangul type designer! (This workshop offers the same content that was presented last year at ATypI 2020 All Over.)


Chorong Kim

Chorong Kim designs, thinks, and talks about type and its environment. She studied visual design at ERBA Besançon (ISBA Besançon) and type design at ESAD d’Amiens in France. After that, Kim moved to Bangkok and joined Cadson Demak as a type designer. She currently works at Sandoll as a type designer, project director, and communicator. She is also a member of KST (Korea Society of Typography) and a mentor for the Alphabettes mentorship program. Kim teaches in various institutions, including Hangeul Typography School. She plays a role in informing and educating people about Latin and Thai type design in Korea and Hangul type design in foreign countries. Kim has also participated as a speaker and author at ATypI, BITS, and KST conferences.


Hyeeun Lim

Hyeeun Lim is a type designer at Sandoll, a font company in Korea.