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TiposBR—Mapping Out the Brazilian Type Scene, One Font at a Time

In 2013, Henrique Nardi started TiposBR, an online spreadsheet cataloging all of the Brazilian typefaces he could find that had been published that year. He included each typeface’s name, authorship, foundry, the number of fonts per face, and release date. Nardi continued to update the list monthly. At the beginning of each year, he invited members of the type community to vote on their top five favorite new Brazilian faces. Over time, tags have been added to the spreadsheet, including font style, author gender, custom made vs. retail, etc., with statistics generated. After almost a decade, the collected and analyzed data offers insight into the growth and expansion of the local type scene and its market.


Henrique Nardi

Henrique Nardi is a graphic designer, photographer, and typography professor from São Paulo, Brazil. In 2003, Nardi started Tipocracia, an educational project to promote typographic culture in Brazil. He organized and hosted over a dozen conferences on type and design around the country. Nardi was formerly director of the Brazilian Graphic Designers Association, ADG Brasil (2011–2013). He also served as chair/member of the ATypI São Paulo 2015 organizing committee. As of 2016, Nardi is a graphic design lecturer at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.