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The Development and Dissemination of Juzhen FangSong Font

Mingyuan Sun reports on research on the history of print fonts, which studied solid historical data with consideration of specific historical backgrounds. The research preliminarily clarified important issues regarding Juzhen FangSong Font, such as the reasons for development, technical methods and processes, the composition of characters, usage, and historical facts of its dissemination to Japan. The research also summarizes the font’s historical influence.

Juzhen FangSong Font is a metal type font developed by Sanzai Ding and other intellectuals based on the traditional historical concept of typology to revive the traditional Chinese aesthetics and express the essential characteristics of Chinese culture. It inherited traditional Chinese woodblock printing and opened up the new situation of metal type fonts, which has greatly promoted the development of the FangSong Font family and has become a milestone in the Chinese-character culture circle of East Asia.


Sun Mingyuan

Mingyuan Sun graduated with a PhD in Design from the School of Arts and Engineering, Kyushu University, Japan, in 2008. He is currently an associate professor in the School of Arts of Macao Polytechnic Institute. Since 2004, Sun has published over twenty academic papers and research reports, as well as numerous books and translations in China, Japan, South Korea, and other places. His representative works include: ”Study on the Historical Development of Graphic Design and Typography in China: 1805–1949,” Xiamen University Press, 2021; translation of the book Keinosuke Sato, 2020; “The Research on Juzhen Imitation Song Typeface,” Science Press, 2018; and 活字印刷の文化史, Bensei Press, 2009.