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Amateur Observation and Recording

An urban resident, a design enthusiast, and a font user, Jiang Qinggong has observed and recorded daily characters in Shanghai from publications to the streets since 1995. At first, Qinggong just thought it was too easy for designers to make money with design—he wanted to use his spare time to find something challenging to try. Now, without professional training, Qinggong continues his work, which is considered a part-time job. He has more than 50000 “clients.” Yes, those are his readers.


Jiang Qinggong

Born in Shanghai in 1960, Jiang Qinggong has been engaged in graphic design for twenty-five years. He is now the art director of Shanghai View studio. Over the past decade, Qinggong has been active in public activities such as publishing, design education, and exhibitions. He is the author of “Typo in Shanghai” (2021), “Shanghai Illustration 1900–1999” (2019), “Shanghai Typography 1900-2014” (2014), “Map of Shanghai Lilong Culture: Shikumen Shanghai” (2012), and other visual culture books.