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Typographic Experimentation, “New Creatures” and Their Uses, Especially in Editorial Design

Unconventional, radical, and wild typographies whose leitmotiv is to be more conceptual than legible. Typographies that can be felt, perceived; typographies that vibrate, even shout from the paper or the screen; typographies that grab all the attention. Today, no one should be shocked by the visibility that letters claim for themselves. The factors that may have led to this situation are diverse and diffuse: firstly, the digital universe, where a fierce war for the audience’s attention is taking place, and where the aseptic letters of the twentieth century have been overthrown by the new “no-rules” of the internet. And secondly, the explosion of typographical experimentalism. And what better test laboratory is there for typographic experimentation than independent publications?


Ana Moliz

Ana Moliz is a Spanish graphic designer specializing in editorial design and typography and founder and creative director of Moliz Estudio. A Master of Graphic Design and Digital Typography professor at Gauss School of Design in Málaga, Spain, Moliz is co-founder of the Spanish editorial design and typography blog, “Rayitas Azules.” Through this blog, she organizes Málaga Type, a typography festival for lovers of letters. Since early 2021, Moliz has served as editor of the typography section of “Gráffica” magazine, a leading Spanish publication specializing in design, creativity, and visual culture.