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From 0 to 64k in four years

The building of the world’s first open source Pan-CJK Typeface family. Presented by Caleb Belohlavek and Stuart Gill at ATypI Barcelona 2014

Rhythm and Legibility

There seems to be enough evidence that there is a relation between different typefaces and legibility. It would be of huge interest to understand the underlying factors. Reading has been thoroughly studied in terms of how language is processed in the brain but reading scientists care mainly about what happens cognitively. When people see fonts… Continue reading Rhythm and Legibility

Echoes from the Middle Ages

From the Renaissance up to the present day medieval letterforms, Romanesque and Gothic, have inspired type designers – much more than we think. An overview of revivals and type designs inspired by medieval letterforms, from 1400 to 2014. Presentation given by Gerard Unger to ATypI Barcelona 2014