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Legibility.info: Developing Inclusive Communication Design

Legibility.info, or leserlich.info, is an online guide to inclusive communication design for people with or without visual impairments. Depending on their individual circumstances, people have different needs regarding usability and the design of typefaces, typography, and images in both print and digital media. During a two-year R&D project, we worked with people affected by the… Continue reading Legibility.info: Developing Inclusive Communication Design

Legibility in Black and White

In this presentation, Octavio Pardo-Virto will review multiple traditional theories on letter perception by complimenting them with the most relevant findings in the field of psychophysics and our visual system. These findings are very well known to the legibility research community but less common in type design literature. Pardo-Virto will explain the blurry mechanisms of… Continue reading Legibility in Black and White

Rhythm and Legibility

There seems to be enough evidence that there is a relation between different typefaces and legibility. It would be of huge interest to understand the underlying factors. Reading has been thoroughly studied in terms of how language is processed in the brain but reading scientists care mainly about what happens cognitively. When people see fonts… Continue reading Rhythm and Legibility

Designing with science

In this presentation, Matthew Carter and Kevin Larson discuss what letter recognition tests might uncover and how those results could be used in practice. From the ATypI 2013 conference in Amsterdam. Reading psychologists have shown that we recognize words by first recognizing individual letters, then using the letters to build up a word. This implies… Continue reading Designing with science