Wood Type is Good Type: Experimentations in Chromatic Woodtype

During his Masters of Type Design studies at the University of Reading, Wayne Thompson created a chromatic wood type font in three colors as a way of understanding why, historically, chromatics were rarely used and little understood. This session will focus on the process of the font’s creation and discuss—through a comparison of digital and physical versions of the same font—how traditional techniques still have a place in today’s tech-focused environment.


Wayne Thompson

Type designer Australian Type Foundry

After beginning his career as an advertising art director, Wayne Thompson launched his type foundry in 2001. He works full time as a type designer, typographer, and type educator in Australia, producing custom type projects for corporate and advertising clients. He recently gained his Masters of Type Design from the University of Reading, UK. Thompson is looking forward to returning to live gigs with his band Nerds and Music. He supports Arsenal and, occasionally, Spurs (except when they play Arsenal), but never Chelsea.