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Typo: Experimental Typography and the Book

The relationship between the book format and experimental typographic approaches can be examined from the mid-eighteenth century right through to the most recent contemporary examples. While advances in digital communication continue to prevail, this presentation explores how the book as an analogue format remains an important space for experimental typographic approaches. It shows how typographic expression and abstraction can be utilized as a means to both enhance and disrupt communication by examining how language can be considered as a material for experimental typography. This presentation will consider examples from contemporary practitioners and key works from Pauline Clancy’s own series of process books, which encompass screen printed typographic errors, abstractions, and nuances.


Pauline Clancy

Pauline Clancy is a designer, lecturer, printmaker, and researcher based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Clancy studied visual communication at the National College of Art and Design Dublin before completing her master’s in multidisciplinary design at Ulster University in 2013. Clancy’s current PhD research explores the materiality of language through typographic form. Clancy is a member of the International Society of Typographic Designers (MISTD), and was awarded a Society of Typographic Arts 100 Award in 2019.