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Typewriter Fonts are Dead. Long Live the Typewriter Fonts!

As part of the investigation of his practice-based PhD in design, Crystian Cruz investigated more than 150 digital interpretations of typewriter fonts, from typefaces designed for computer programming and Hollywood scripts to those that emulate the raw aesthetic of typeset letters striking on paper. Cruz’s analysis of digital fonts then crossed over with his examination of thousands of typeset documents from the 1970s. Some questions arose: What constitutes a typewriter font? Do we still need them nowadays? What does the particular aesthetic of typewriter typefaces represent out of context? Is there room for experimentation with monospaced letterforms that do not emulate typewriter typefaces or aim for a futuristic look?


Crystian Cruz

Crystian Cruz is a Brazilian senior graphic designer, educator, and consultant in editorial design and typeface design. He holds a Master’s Degree in Typeface Design from Reading University, UK, and has worked as a part-time lecturer in Australian and Brazilian bachelor and postgraduate courses since 2003. For ten years, Cruz worked as a creative director of prominent magazines and newspapers in Brazil, including “GQ” magazine, and as type director at Africa, one of the most well-known advertising agencies in South America. More recently, Cruz’s design has been focused on branding, marketing, and short-term consultancies for advertising agencies and publishing houses. Cruz is vice president of the board of directors of ATypI and is currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Newcastle, Australia.