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Types and Faces of Ljubljana: Type Walk by Domen Fras

A type walk leads us through the material, historical, cultural, and linguistic diversity of the letterforms in the heart of Ljubljana. While searching for common design features of the typefaces, we pay attention to vivid compositions, unusual ligatures, and innovative diacritical marks. A walk shares subjective observations of formal aspects and uncovers details of urban visual communication in Ljubljana, that are overlooked as we walk by. The concept of a walk addresses a very important skill decisive for typographic education. How to observe the type? How to understand what you are looking at?


Mr. Domen Fras

Associate Professor University of Ljubljana, ALUO

Domen Fras is a Slovenian graphic designer and a typographer. He graduates from the Faculty of Architecture (1998) in Ljubljana. After his master's degree at Central Saint Martins (2000) in London, he establishes the graphic design studio Aparat. Two decades of intensive design practice and some awarded works provide his route to the associate professor at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design at the University of Ljubljana (2016). He is a mentor at the international typography workshops Tipo Brda. He feels excellent among students, especially when teaching typography and typeface design, the fields of his practice and study. He lives in Ljubljana with his family. Blog: www.aparat.org