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The Anti-Type Poem

The anti-type poem will sum up more than twenty years of typography, lettering, and calligraphy work from the Brazilian, California-based designer and artist Yomar Augusto. His work has evolved towards a deep experimentation in search of the merge of the classic and the contemporary. Within Augusto’s timeline performance, he will be using exclusively custom-made typefaces from specific periods of his life while working as independent creative in Brazil, Europe, and the United States.


Yomar Augusto

tooya is a progressive design and typographic studio built for the digital age, with more than twenty years of experience working in Brazil, Europe, and the United States. In 2016, tooya relocated to California from New York City. Born in Brasilia and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Augusto initially trained as a graphic designer. He earned a Master’s in Type Design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, The Netherlands.