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Programming Design

In this presentation, André Burnier will share the development of his ongoing exploration—the intersection between graphic design and creative coding. This research can be divided into two approaches; first, using programming as a tool to design custom tools. These tools can have many purposes: design patterns, generate logos, manipulate images, or organize information into layouts. How far can we push a program to generate design? Could we translate a brand manual into code, for example? On the other end of this exploration, Burnier expresses his love for type while distorting, breaking, and beating letters. In these subversive experiments, type, readability, and any other design “rules” are pushed to their limits. These “type torture tools” began as exercises while Burnier was learning to program, but soon they became an expression of a frustrated type designer.


André Burnier

André Burnier works as a graphic designer and creative coder. In 2016, he graduated with a Master in Graphic Design at AKV | St. Joost, in Breda, The Netherlands. Since then, Burnier has been exploring the intersection between graphic design and programming languages. During his practical research, Burnier developed custom tools to generate logos, patterns, layouts, motion design, and a few broken letters.