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Tangut Typefaces Research and the Redesign of Noto Serif Tangut

The Tangut dynasty left behind a brilliant culture and a new script, the Tangut script. In this information era, the correctness and completeness of the Tangut font have become extremely important, as it is the carrier of Tangut culture. The topic of this presentation originated from the design of the first version of Noto Serif Tangut, which drew the attention of Tangutology experts at home and abroad—and met with some critical comments upon its release by Google in 2019. This design team undertook the redesign project, revising and updating the original design—keeping the modern style of the font while trying to make it reflect the unique aesthetic characteristics of Tangut. The team’s goal was to design a correct and complete character set while developing a modern font suitable for long text, reading at small sizes, and OCR (optical character recognition). This session will focus on the redesign of Noto Serif Tangut, summarizing the universal type design and localization methods while introducing the application of the Tangut font.


Liu Zhao

Associate Professor / China Marketing Manager Central Academy of Fine Arts / TypeTogether

Liu Zhao is an Associate Professor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, China, and a member of the Chinese Character Information Committee of the Chinese Information Processing Society of China. She is a national representative and country delegate of China for ATypI, and Script Chair, Chinese Division, of the Granshan typeface design competition.


Peilin Song

Peilin Song is a current undergraduate student at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China.


Xicheng Yang

Xicheng Yang, Beijing, is a student in the MA in Type Design program at the University of Reading, UK, and a designer of Noto Serif Tangut v.2.168.