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Crazy, Chaotic, but Interesting CJK Font Production

CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) letters are often mentioned together and sometimes designed as a group. These countries had close cultural and historical relations in the past and still have some similarities at present, but their letters have their own design languages according to their cultures. Regarding this, it may not be possible to design CJK characters without thinking about their cultural context. And it becomes more complicated when we need to create CJK fonts matching with Latin alphabets. This session will share Sandoll’s experiences about which elements they considered and on what basis they thought of those elements when making CJK fonts.


Ma Kichan

Ma Kichan graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Design from the University of Seoul in 2018. He participated in brand font production for the Mapo-gu public institution from 2018 to 2019. Kichan currently works at Sandoll Inc., where he started in 2020.


Soohyun Park

Soohyun Park took a Master’s Degree in Visual Communication Design from Hongik University in Seoul, Korea, and works as a type designer at Sandoll Inc. Her significant works are Noto Serif CJK, the Korean design for Source Han Serif, and the Sandoll Jeongche Hangul design (style: 630, 830, 930, 030).


Yona Kim

Yona Kim is a type designer at Sandoll Inc. She studied Visual Communication Design at the Seoul National University of Science and Technology in the Republic of Korea. After studying editorial design fields, Kim started her career in the Mapo-district office as a type designer. She is passionate about multilingual typography.