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Learn Typography Through Experimenting and Reflecting

The way in which we approach the teaching and learning process of typography is based on an experiential methodology and reflection. Students experiment with type and conduct practices using manual and digital techniques. The activity that Juan Arrausi and Eduard Vidiellia present was developed in the graphic design specialty, corresponding to the second year of the degree in graphic design at the Elisava School in Barcelona, Spain. The activities carried out between teachers and students are characterized by multidimensionality, simultaneity, immediacy, unpredictability, public character, and the history of previous events. Therefore, the teacher’s functions then consist of detecting the needs of their apprentices, previsualize the task they will carry out, recovering their previous knowledge, regulating the learning activities, reviewing what and how they are learning, monitoring the activity, and making them critically reflect on their own learning process. The objective is that the students face the knowledge of the form of the letter, analyze it, distinguish its components, define the characteristics, integrate, and apply with criteria for the different parameters. We will achieve this goal by combining six projects: Potato & EVA print; Essential type features; metamorphosis; digitalization of wood type; type as image; and wood type poster design. Students are able to master all the elements in a natural way that allows them to take letterform design into account. Students carry out significant learning and acquire the necessary knowledge to continue learning. This is all thanks to the fact that the students have experimented by drawing, comparing, analyzing, reflecting critically, and regulating their learning process. Arrausi and Vidiellia will show examples of these six exercises carried out by our students during the 2019-2020 academic year. Some are currently displayed on our platform: http://www.teachingdesigners.org/aprender-significativamente/


Eduard Vidiella


Juan Arrausi

Juan Arrausi is a designer, teacher, and apprentice. He has been a professor at the ArtCenter Europe, and has been a part of various teaching collaborations with schools and institutions in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and the UK. Arrausi’s area of specialty is the pedagogy of design, typography, and the training of professional teachers. Arrausi is the CEO of the Teaching Designers Alliance.