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FontLab 7.2. Better every day.

We’re introducing FontLab 7.2, a massive update for our pro font editor for macOS and Windows that lets you create and edit fonts in any format for any script on any platform.

With this release, you can enjoy 30× faster proofing of variations and an all-new way of proofing OpenType features, easily navigate in large glyph sets, better interchange with other font editors, and with Microsoft VOLT. Overall, compared to FontLab 7.0 from just ten months ago, version 7.2 has over 300 new and improved features. That’s one feature improvement per day!

It’s hard to believe that FontLab VI came out just three years ago: for the versions published since then, the text of the release notes would fill 550 book pages. The early updates concentrated on bug fixes, but the latest versions focus on feature improvements.

Whether you’re already a FontLab 7 user, or you use another font editor, tune in for our talk to discover the key aspects of FontLab 7.2. To learn more details, join us for FontLab’s additional sessions in the ATypI 2020 Virtual exhibit space.


Adam Twardoch

Designer Widget Co

Adam Twardoch is Director of Products of FontLab. He has also worked as a font consultant for MyFonts, Monotype, Google, Adobe, and many independent font vendors, specializing in font technology, multilingual typography, CSS webfonts, Unicode, and OpenType. Twardoch has been a core member of the initiatives that created the OpenType Font Variations and OpenType SVG color font specifications. He co-designed several type families, including Lato (by Łukasz Dziedzic) and Milka (by Botio Nikoltchev). Twardoch regularly teaches workshops in font creation, and served on the board of the Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI) for many years. He lives and works in Warsaw and Berlin.


Yuri Yarmola

Yuri Yarmola is Vice President Research & Development of FontLab. He began dabbling with fonts in 1989, and designed the first of many font editors and utilities in 1991. He designed and led development of all versions of FontLab and FontLab Studio, as well as a number of other applications published by Fontlab Ltd. He lives and works in St Petersburg, Russia. In 2007, Yuri received the 2nd Linotype Font Technology Award.