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FontLab 7.2. Better every day.

We’re introducing FontLab 7.2, a massive update for our pro font editor for macOS and Windows that lets you create and edit fonts in any format for any script on any platform. With this release, you can enjoy 30× faster proofing of variations and an all-new way of proofing OpenType features, easily navigate in large… Continue reading FontLab 7.2. Better every day.

Digital legacies

A lifetime of type design tools, formats and projects The history of outline font editors spans some 40+ years, or the total of this speaker’s life. Ikarus, Pika, Fontographer, RoboFog, Type Art, FontStudio, TypeDesigner, FontLab, RoboFab, FontMaster, RoboFont, Glyphs, FontCreator – since the inception of outline-based font creation, type designers have employed a flurry of… Continue reading Digital legacies

Make Your Variable Fonts Better

In this presentation, Adam Twardoch will demonstrate how to use FontLab 7 and several other applications to check variable font projects. All popular font editors now have some mechanisms for designing variable fonts and exporting them as variable OpenType fonts and static instances. Type developers may use FontLab or any other font editor for their… Continue reading Make Your Variable Fonts Better