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Expand Your Glyph Set with FontLab 7

FontLab 7 has several methods that you can use to assemble your glyphs from predefined parts. With element references, you can draw one or more contours once and then reuse them in other glyphs. An element reference doesn’t have a “source glyph”—any occurrence of an element reference is the source. Components are similar, but the content of a component lives in one designated source glyph layer, and other glyphs point to it.

If you create corresponding anchors in a base and a mark glyph and then build a composite glyph, FontLab automatically positions the mark over the base where you want it. Auto layers are composite glyphs that FontLab creates from simple text recipes, automatically updating the positioning and shape of the components when the source glyphs change.

With the right combination of these methods, you can easily extend your glyph set in one or many masters. Join Adam Twardoch to learn more about elements, components, and auto layers in FontLab 7!


Adam Twardoch

Designer Widget Co

Adam Twardoch is Director of Products of FontLab. He has also worked as a font consultant for MyFonts, Monotype, Google, Adobe, and many independent font vendors, specializing in font technology, multilingual typography, CSS webfonts, Unicode, and OpenType. Twardoch has been a core member of the initiatives that created the OpenType Font Variations and OpenType SVG color font specifications. He co-designed several type families, including Lato (by Łukasz Dziedzic) and Milka (by Botio Nikoltchev). Twardoch regularly teaches workshops in font creation, and served on the board of the Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI) for many years. He lives and works in Warsaw and Berlin.