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A Responsive Chinese SongTi typeface for Multiple-Use Occasions

Digital devices are gradually replacing paper, and reading on screens with various resolutions has led sans serif typefaces to replace serif typefaces. The high readability of serif typefaces is something we can’t ignore. In Chinese, MingTi /SongTi is just like serif in Latin, with greater contrast on the strokes. For serif typefaces, there are some with higher x-height for using on texts, and also with additional contrast for headlines. The contrast of horizontal and vertical strokes of MingTi and SongTi was launched by Chinese font foundries in a similar manner. In order to use typefaces for different occasions, we launched a SongTi with three axes; including weight, contrast, and optical size. We are hopeful that the typeface can fit different needs accordingly. This type family is designed in the contemporary structure of SongTi, integrating features of KaiTi and three axes. With these comprehensive characteristics, the type family can be used in texts, headlines, and screens of various resolutions to achieve the best user experience.


Edwina Lee

Director of Business Division Arphic Technology

Edwina Lee works in the business division of Arphic Technology. She is in charge of foundry and designer partnerships, marketing, and sales. She has worked at Arphic for almost ten years and loves being surrounded by fonts every day. エドウィナ・リー(李信儀)はアーフィックのビジネス部門に所属しており、外部の書体ファウンダリーやデザイナーとの提携、マーケティング、営業を担当。アーフィックでは10年近く勤務しており、フォントに囲まれて幸せな日々を過ごしている。