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Welcome to the workshops page for the ATypI 2023 conference in Paris! This year, we have an exciting lineup of workshops designed to help you expand your skills and knowledge in typography and design. From introductory workshops for beginners to advanced sessions for seasoned professionals, there is something for everyone.

Each workshop is led by a knowledgeable and experienced instructor who will guide you through the session and provide you with personalized feedback and advice.

We look forward to seeing you in Paris for this exciting event! Be sure to check out our schedule and register for the workshops that interest you. If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Workshops take place at the main conference location, Sorbonne University at Place Jussieu. From Place Jussieu, enter the Campus, follow signs to the Auditorium (below ground level) and register in the Foyer. You will be guided to your workshop location.

Letterstorm—early morning

09:00-11:00 GMT+2
2-hour early morning session
Carine Vadet-Perrot

“Letterstorm” is a playful and creative workshop/game to create unexpected ideas and letterforms. It’s a time for fun, a time to share and connect with people—a workshop which is accessible for everyone from beginners through to advanced type designers.

Sensory Type—full day

09:00-17:00 GMT+2
Full-day session

Luisa Muhr / Shrenik Ganatra

Type is modular. When broken down, it is a series of shapes and forms. The Sensory Type workshop allows participants to explore type not only visually, but also embodied through movement and sound. We will explore how human movement, and in extension sound in a physical space, will help inspire the shapes and forms that will be applied to design type in a modular fashion.

Parametric Type Design Done Right—full day

09:00-17:00 GMT+2
Full-day session

Filip Paldia / Samuel Čarnoký

The parametric approach to type design is back and better than ever! Learn how to do it right with our workshop, which teaches you how to use your favorite type design tool, Glyphs powered with LTTR/INK to achieve professional outcomes.

Hangul Lettering Workshop With Multilingual Font-matching—morning

09:00-12:00 GMT+2
3-hour morning half-day session

Jinhee Kim / Suhyun Lee

Providing the basic contents of Hangul design, we will explain how to design Hangul and match multiple scripts. Designers are given Latin, Japanese, and Chinese fonts without showing the Korean version, and let them design a few letters of Korean. After completing the exercise, workshop attendees will share lettering results with other designers and exchange feedback.

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Type Design—early morning

09:00-11:00 GMT+2
2-hour early morning session

Dave Crossland

The Crafting Type project has provided an introduction-to-typeface-design class to more people in more countries around the world than any other organization. In this two-part workshop, project co-founder Dave Crossland will first run the “101” workshop part of the class. After the break, he will lead a discussion where we together deconstruct the pedagogical approach demonstrated earlier.

Multilingual Matching Design Based on Chinese Calligraphic Fonts—early morning

09:00-11:00 GMT+2
2-hour early morning session

Wen Wang

Under the trend of design globalization, the demand of Chinese domestic designers to find Western fonts matching with Chinese fonts for design applications is increasing day by day; at the same time, with the increasing influence of Chinese in the world, the Chinese market is receiving more and more international attention, and more and more companies hope to strengthen their brand communication in Chinese application environment through multilingual text design matching with Chinese. Through analyzing the structure and design elements of traditional Chinese calligraphy fonts, Wang Wen, design director of Foundertype, will share how to refine the character features of Chinese fonts and apply them to other languages to achieve multilingual matching design.

Intro to Variable Fonts Using Glyphs—full day

09:00-17:00 GMT+2
Full-day session

César Puertas

Variable fonts are here but not many people know how to make them. In this workshop we will start making a variable font using Glyphs, so you can take advantage of this technology.

Let’s Make a Variable COLRv1 Font!—late morning

11:30-13:00 GMT+2
1.5-hour late morning session
Lena Weber / Sophia Tai

During this workshop you will learn how to make a variable color font with variable gradients. We will prepare the designs in Glyphs and then export them using the command line in Terminal. You can bring one of your own fonts to turn into a variable color font or create something experimental. I will also prepare some materials that we can use, so no need to worry if you don’t have your own font or design. To participate you will need Glyphs font editing software, for which a trial is available on the Glyphs website. You will also need to bring a MacBook to work on. This workshop is beginner-friendly.