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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Type Design—early morning

Sorbonne University, Campus Pierre and Marie Curie, 4 Pl. Jussieu. Check in 15 minutes before session start time.

09:00-11:00 GMT+2
2-hour early morning session

The Crafting Type project has provided an introduction-to-typeface-design class to more people in more countries around the world than any other organization. In this two-part workshop, project co-founder Dave Crossland will first run the “101” workshop part of the class. After the break, he will lead a discussion where we together deconstruct the pedagogical approach demonstrated earlier.

Workshop participants are kindly asked to bring the following items:

  • laptop
  • soft pencils (2B)
  • pencil sharpeners
  • erasers

Workshop duration: 2 hours

Total number of spots available: 25

09:00-11:00 GMT+2
2-hour early morning session

Dave Crossland

Dave Crossland

Dave Crossland attended the first Libre Graphics Meeting in 2006, and became fascinated with the potential of libre licensing to improve design. Since then, he has worked to liberate typography, mainly as a program manager for Google Fonts. Currently he is especially interested in further advancing the OpenType format to address various longstanding shortcomings that hinder high quality typographic automation.
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