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Automated Kerning and Spacing: Present and Future

Discussion and exploration of existing, new, and emerging tools, techniques, problems, and solutions for automatic kerning and spacing in font engineering. Panelists include Tim Ahrens, Jérémie Hornus, Igino Marini, and Toshi Omagari.

Steal this typography

Global lessons from Linux OpenType development Linux desktop systems effectively got variable-font support for free by virtue of sharing core software components with major web browsers. Thus, Linux software developers have spent considerably more time working on variable-font UI concepts, packaging, and documentation. This talk will present recent progress modernizing OpenType interfaces, packaging, and system… Continue reading Steal this typography

Parametric Type Classification in the Context of Letter Fitting

“The topic of classification emerges in a variety of type design contexts. Historians tracing the evolution of typefaces or of individual letterforms, educators framing stylistic questions for designers, and vendors superimposing structures on vast type libraries are all classifying type, but they are performing distinct tasks. In his own research, which explores algorithmic letter fitting… Continue reading Parametric Type Classification in the Context of Letter Fitting