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Update 0: Standards for a Global Future

Update.Design is a platform to collect, synthesise, and share knowledge. It is currently being built as a global library of resources without opinion for designers, culture, or discipline. The intent of the platform is to provide a better understanding of design around the world; expanding the scope of design principles as we move closer to a multilingual future. This presentation serves as the launch of the initiative, diving into the reasons why we need to update our design knowledge for a world that’s more connected and integrated. As typography holds such an integral role in visual communication across languages, we believe that it is the starting point on the map of our path forward.


Ana Andreeva


Dalton Bruyns

Dalton Bruyns is a multidisciplinary designer with experience in visual, strategy, and service design within both commercial and non-commercial settings. Bruyns is an occasional lecturer at Swinburne University, and has a deep interest in multilingual design and its implications on a global community.