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Touring Type at the Hamilton Museum

Wander the world’s largest collection of wood type. Our tour sheds light on the vast holdings of Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum. Case upon case of American wood type that dates back to the 1840s is on display. From the veneer style pioneered by J.E. Hamilton to current work cut within the past month, we’ll show off Aetna to Konop from 24pts. tall to 5 feet high. The collection contains multiple makers in a myriad of styles. As a working museum, there are displays of presses from Iron Hand to Heidelberg, platens and cylinders, galleys and galleries of American print history. Unique collections of billboard size blocks and advertising images span the last 125 years of print. View multi-colored plates that reveal the history of the circus and fair, politics to produce and the tools that were used to print them all. Our past in print covers the walls of the 80,000 sq. ft. facility where letterpress printing is preached and practiced. As much of the collection is still being discovered, we’ll open a crate of blocks or type that may not have seen ink nor press for nearly 75 years.


Stephanie Carpenter