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Open and collaborative font design in a web fonts world

Victor Gaultney leads a discussion panel about open or collaborative font projects. From the 2013 ATypI conference in Amsterdam.

“Over the last eight years, the number of open or collaborative font projects has gone from a small handful to over 600, and even major foundries such as Adobe are releasing fonts under open licenses. What was once considered unthinkable has become common, and web font services from Google and others have embraced and promoted licensing and business models based around open development. This session will begin with a look at the current state of these models and identify some of the major challenges, including licensing, designer control, technical modification, production processes and the impact on traditional foundries (15m), followed by a panel of designers and developers who have been involved in open projects (45m).”


Victor Gaultney

Senior Type Designer SIL International

Victor Gaultney is a type designer and calligrapher with interests in legibility, diacritics, non-Latin scripts, and italics. As Senior Type Designer at SIL International, Gaultney develops fonts for minority language groups around the world. Gaultney teaches typeface design at the University of Reading, is a co-author of the SIL Open Font License, and led the team that developed ScriptSource (http://scriptsource.org). His most well-known typeface, Gentium, has been a winner in two international typeface design competitions and supports thousands of languages. Gaultney is also a musician, actor, and director.