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Multi-Scriptural Typography

What can we learn from Rosetta Stone in terms of multi-scriptural typography? This lecture will cover the topic of working within different writing systems from two perspectives: theoretical and educational. This talk will present categories taken into consideration while working in different alphabetical systems, such as the relation between two scripts and their distinctive features. In The second part will show how matchmaking Latin and non-Latin script can be considered as a powerful didactic method. A lot of students were raised in various cultures, hence why the majority of them are users of different scripts. The assignment of multi-scriptural typography gives them an opportunity to rethink their cultural background and the system of textual communication. Additionally, this presentation will highlight numerous community works by students; covering bi-scriptural posters and Augmented Reality projects of typography inspired by topography. These will focus on how the experience influenced their perspective on typography as a critical tool.


Monika Marek-Łucka

Educator, PhD researcher PJA

Monika Marek-Łucka earned her master’s degree in graphic design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław (MA in Graphic Design) and from the Warsaw University (BA in Philosophy). Marek-Łucka is the co-founder of Voilà! Information Design Studio. Currently, Marek-Łucka is a lecturer on lettering and graphic design at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. Marek-Łucka has written several articles devoted to typography and semiotics, and is the co-curator of A Brush with Silence—a calligraphy performance. Marek-Łucka is working on her PhD research on calligraphy and writing.