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Mixcoatl Type design for Title credits. The vital role of type design in the motion graphics for cinema and other media.

Title credits have a vital role in the presentation of movies, whether at the beginning or at the end. Credits are also seen in other variations that expand the practice of design in streaming, TV, and video games. This presentation will take you on a visual journey through the evolution of title credits; pointing out type language and giving a brief overview of the most iconic title credit designers of all time. This will also showcase some title credits with type design, and other custom type projects through the years. This presentation aims to show how type designers can enhance the purpose and appearance of title credits and motion graphics projects.


Jose Luis Coyotl Mixcoatl

Graphic Designer CyMx

Jose Luis Coyotl Mixcoatl is a Mexican graphic designer who graduated from the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP). He has worked at design studios Hula+Hula and Estudio La Fe Ciega in Mexico City and Prologue Films in Los Angeles. Mixcoatl is also a design professor in Puebla, Mexico, and a freelance designer and art director.