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Making some sans

Titus Nemeth will discuss considerations in the design of low-contrast Arabic typefaces. Established genres of Western typographic culture do not always map neatly to other writing systems. Arabic, with its relatively short typographic history, is frequently expected to borrow from concepts and styles from the Latin world. Globalized branding and multilingual communication tend to base their visual languages on norms and conventions rooted in Western culture. As a consequence, there is considerable demand for Arabic type design that follows aesthetics which have no precedent in its indigenous visual canon. Against this background, Nemeth will focus on some of the attempts to react to this demand, discuss various approaches to this design task, and present some of his own work from recent commissions.


Titus Nemeth

Titus Nemeth is an independent type designer and typographer with specialist expertise in Arabic script culture. His internationally recognised practice spans commercial and cultural work, and his interests and activities extend to academic research and teaching in higher education. His original type designs have won multiple renowned awards and are widely used for complex cross-cultural visual communications. Titus holds a PhD in Typography & Graphic Communication from the University of Reading, UK, an MA in Typeface Design from the same institution, and a diploma in Graphic Design from Die Graphische in Vienna, Austria. He has taught type design and typography at schools in Austria, France, Morocco, Qatar and the United Kingdom.