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How to Make a Podcast Program on Typography for Over Seven Years

TypeChat started in 2015, and is the very first Mandarin podcast on typography. During its seven years, it has produced over 17,000 minutes of interesting typographic knowledge and stories, interviews of type designers and all kind of trends and news of the type world.

As its producer and co-host, Eric will explain why and how TypeChat is produced, and the passion behind it. He will also present the award-winning monthly journal that the program provides to paid subscribers, which make this creative activity more healthily community-supported. These experiences may give us some ideas or inspirations for building type community.

Eric Liu

Eric Liu

Eric is a Chinese typographer and designer based in Tokyo.

He is editor of “The Type,” a Chinese typography media project, and the executive producer and co-host of TypeChat, the award-winning Mandarin typography podcast since 2015. He is also an invited Expert of the W3C, and co-chair of the Chinese Text Layout Task Force.

Eric serves as a type consultant for foundries and giant companies internationally, collaborating on multi-script font projects, including Adobe’s Source Han Sans & Serif.

His published Works include Kǒngquè: restoring the mindset of Chinese typesetting (2020); and many translations from English and Japanese, including Western Type (by Akira Kobayashi), etc.

Twitter @Kongque_Chinese