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How Google Fonts Designed a Specimen Page for Any Typeface

In 2021, the Google Fonts team added all fonts included in the Noto project to the fonts.google.com website and our font service. Noto offers support for any language in any writing system, so the website needed a new specimen page design that was able to provide access to all these fonts, and that we later adopted for all other font families on our site.

Given the wide variety of typefaces Google Fonts offers, our new specimen pages needed to be able to showcase the individual characteristics of each font family, while staying universally applicable and scalable. Users needed a clear path to download the fonts or to use them via the service.

The Google Fonts team would like to share the research, insights, design thinking, process, and iterations that went into our new specimen pages for Noto.

Tobias Kunisch

Tobias Kunisch

Tobias is working to make type and typography accessible and available to everyone, everywhere. A‍fter co-founding Google Fonts as a 20% project in 2010, he’s worked on Material Design, Google Play, Google Store, Android Messages, and Google Brand Studio. He’s now back leading Design on the Google Fonts team.

Twitter @tobestobs