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Go Figure! The Structure of Indo-Arabic Numerals with Brush Calligraphy

Indo-Arabic numerals are not usually studied as thoroughly as the letters of many scripts, despite being used on all continents and being truly multicultural. During this workshop, we will cover some basic aspects of calligraphy with brushes and square and pointed pens. We will study the origin of the numerals and why they seem to be so inconsistent when compared to the letters of the Latin alphabet. From its structure, we will learn to make useful variations to understand these forms better.

Cesar Puertas

César Puertas

Associate professor Universidad Nacional de Colombia

César Puertas is a graphic designer from Universidad Nacional de Colombia (1999) and a typeface designer from the Royal Academy of Arts (KABK) in The Hague (2009). He has been an organizer and judge of the Latin American typography biennials Letras Latinas in 2006 and Tipos Latinos in 2008 and 2010. Puertas is an associate professor and lecturer of type design and calligraphy at Universidad Nacional de Colombia and a type designer at his studio, Typograma. His work has been honored by the Type Directors Club, Tipos Latinos, and Proyecto Diseño. Puertas’ typefaces are distributed by Adobe, Bold Monday, and Monotype.