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Font Proofer: A New Chapter in Proofing Type

If you design type, you won’t want to miss Peter Nowell’s demo of Font Proofer—a powerful new tool for generating proofs. Font Proofer has an intuitive UI for creating an assortment of proof layouts, editing repetitive spacing strings, and exporting PDFs. It’s fast, highly customizable, and compatible with both Glyphs and RoboFont.

While proofs are an essential part of the design and production process for every professional font, making them is often time-consuming, error-prone, or dependent on custom Python scripts. That’s about to change.

In addition to showing the tool, Nowell will peel back the curtain on the fascinating process of making Font Proofer over the past three years.

Read more at fontproofer.com.


Peter Nowell

Designer, Font Proofer Peter Nowell Design