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Exploring the Variety of Mediums in Filipino Type Design as a Means to Uplift the Graphic Design Industry in the Philippines

Distinguishing lettering from type design is a Western canon and is not applicable in the Philippines, where the local visual landscape is adorned by letters—regardless of medium—and devoid of categories. Clara Cayosa’s talk expounds on the current local type design scene through three case studies on art signs, customized blankets, and a particular Filipino folk font trend popularized during the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ reign in the Philippines. This presentation will also illustrate how shedding light on these different type design mediums can make up for the lack of available resources and dissertations on Philippine graphic design.


Clara Cayosa

Clara Cayosa is the founder of Tipong Pilipino, an incubator for Filipino type design and typography. In 2019, she was the first recipient of the Malee Scholarship for women of color in the type design field. Cayosa is currently writing on Filipino graphic design, gathering resources and research for archival work, and exploring the intersections of graphic design, art, and national identity.